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About Carol Kloss

Here's how I selected the resources I review, and the criteria I used to evaluate them.


This site presents a selection of Bible study resources currently available to Catholics (in fact, a small selection!)

I've used many of these resources myself or in classes I teach. I evaluate resources I haven't used according to criteria I list below.

Based on my experience teaching Scripture to Catholic adults, I choose resources useful for a variety of individual, parish, and diocesan activities, including:

  • Beginner, advanced beginner, and intermediate Bible study for individuals or groups.
  • Formation of catechists who work with children or adults.
  • Formation for Rite of Christian Initiation leadership or participants.
  • Resources and formation for parish leaders, such as directors of religious education, directors of adult faith formation, and deacons.
  • Parish libraries or parish inquiries about how to begin Catholic Bible study.


I evaluate each resource for:

  • Factual correctness and completeness.
  • How well it reflects key Church guidance on Scripture and modern Catholic biblical scholarship.
  • How it integrates Catholic teaching and practice, if relevant.
  • Its attitude to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and to Judaism.
  • Quality and level of writing.
  • Ease and interest of reading, including page layout, design, and graphics.



Several Catholic publishers produce good Scripture study resources. Check their catalogues for the level and type of resource suitable for your needs.

Publishers with a wide selection of Scripture study resources:

Catholic Book Publishing Corporation

Liguori Publications

Liturgical Press

Loyola Press

Paulist Press

St. Anthony Messenger Press

Publishers with a smaller selection of Scripture study resources:

Ascension Press

Ignatius Press

Our Sunday Visitor Publishing

(good selection of Bibles and Bible stories for children)

Pauline Books and Media

(very good selection of Bibles and Bible stories for children)

Saint Mary's Press

(resources for teens and middle school youth)